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Let It Snow!

Howdy, I am Darcie Bernhardt and I am giving you my perspective here at SOVA. I am definitely not new to the North; in fact I grew up in Tuktoyaktuk, which means “looks like a Caribou” in Inuvaluktun (pop quiz next week). In this blog I will reflect my some of my experiences and thoughts throughout the month, yes, I know very exciting.  On Sunday I will e-mail your quiz.

I found it nice to see the frosted trees on top the mountains every morning.  I’m very thrilled to experience the winter here in Dawson City, perhaps too excited that I’m practically waiting at the windows. It’s not the snow itself but what it represents, memories to begin and to be cherished. Yet, the one thing I forgot to bring was my winter boots.

Do you see what I see? Snow!

Our second field trip was at Tombstone and there were only two words for that trip: breath taking, literally.  It was a reminder that I am clearly out of shape to climb mountains but not the locals and their wiener dogs.  The landscape was very captivating and the bright reds, yellow, and orange made it even better.  At the end of the hike we were heading back to town a mixture of snow and hail was trailing right behind us.  I thought for sure the snow would follow. It’s easy to understand why so many people from all across Canada to come the Yukon.

I automatically thought of the song by Marvin Gaye "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

On Tuesday, we had the town tour. I can tell you it was Alappaa, which means, “It’s cold” (remember, pop quiz)!  There was a fog throughout the tour and it looked like we had our very own cloud.  Plus, the trees on top the mountains were frosted like something out of a magazine.  The tour was quite insightful and gave me better view of Dawson and how much history is behind every building that I finally got to see.  I found that the whole tour was an example of how welcoming the town is to others.  It seemed like very building we went into was colder than the last one and was the same temperature outside.  Especially, the old theatre (the Palace Grande) was a little darker experience because they had already shut down the lights for the winter.  Everything was hazy while we were in the theatre and it seemed like it was a dream because our guide was dressed in the early 1920s style.

On our way to the spooky theatre.

Throughout this week we have had rainy weather and I can tell you, I’m getting quite sick of it.  Overall, I’m enjoying my time and excited to create, learn, and prosper with my talented classmates.  Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!


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