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Writing & Reading!

Hello, my name is Allyson Menzies, and I am a part time student at SOVA. I am currently enrolled in the English 120 and loving every minute of it. I’ll be sharing a bit about the class and our writing assignments.

I am really enjoying the writing assignments that we have been given this semester. They have been thought provoking as well as enjoyable to write about. Writing critical analysis of an art object and a close reading of a poem are excellent examples of a the kind of mind stimulating assignments we are given. I particularly enjoyed writing the analysis of an art object. I chose to write about my antique piano. I learned so much about the history of the piano and the mechanics behind it, as well as gained knowledge about the design and craftsmanship that went into the production of the piano. I now have a greater appreciation for the instrument sitting in my home.

The most recent assignment we have been given, is to re-write a myth, or in my case, a fairy tale. I chose to re-write my all time favourite story, Peter Pan. For as long I can remember, the story of Peter Pan has captivated me and influenced a number of Halloween costumes. I remember being very young and wondering what would have happened if Wendy and the Lost Boys stayed in Neverland instead of going back to London with Wendy’s family. I am so excited to get the chance to re-write this classic tale, but from the perspective of Wendy. I get to¬†create the ending I have fantasized about for years to life.

Wendy Darling by Oliver Herford, “The Peter Pan Alphabet”, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1907

We have also been assigned the novel Through Black Spruce written by Joseph Boyden. I am only half way through the book, but so far it has been a wonderful read. I am looking forward to the future class discussion we will be having, and hearing my class mates take on the novel. One of the things I really like about this English class are the discussions we have. The conversations are always interesting and something to look forward to.

The last three months have flown by. It is hard to believe that the fall semester is almost over, and the December break is just around the corner. Being a student in Dawson has been great and I feel so privileged that I got to be apart of this amazing program. I am very excited to see what my other class mates have created in their other courses this semester, at open house on Thursday December 13th. Thanks for reading my blog post and make sure to check back for more exciting SOVA stories!

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