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My experience at SOVA allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and meet some amazing creative people and develop amazing long-term friendships. SOVA is a close-knit school with a great sense of community and a unique environment to learn art within. I will never forget my experiences there, and my time at SOVA helped me realize my artistic potential and had an influence on mycurrent career path towards art therapy – Acasea Lane, Class of 2013-14

SeanAs a mature student, going back to school was a daunting task and wassomething I put off for far too long. On a very fateful trip to Dawson City, where I had lived previously, my eyes were opened to the advantages of going to SOVA by some very wise people. I took the leap of faith, and have never looked back. SOVA has some of the most creative, inspiring minds teaching you in a very intimate atmosphere, there is no other school like this. Not only was this an amazing experience for me, but I excelled and had my pick of schools to transfer too, to continue my education. I’m currently in my 3 rd year in Toronto, Ontario, studying at OCAD University. I’m here, working toward my dreams and I can honestly say SOVA is the reason I’m here. If you have the chance, do it. It will change your life – Sean Warnick, Class of 2012-13

CariI attended Yukon SOVA in 2008/2009, the second year it was in operation. Eight years later, after finishing my BFA at NSCAD, I am still living and making work here, and still excited about Yukon SOVA’s presence in Dawson. I was incredibly challenged and motivated that year, and I felt prepared for the work load I faced in the following three yearsof my undergrad. While I was at NSCAD, I realized how fortunate we were to have such easy access to resources,equipment, advice and guidance from instructors, and ample studio space. The small size of the class allowed for a moreimmediate and intimate environment. Something else that makes the program so unique, is how much we were encouraged to be involved in the surrounding community, and given many opportunities to do so. We had talks and demonstrations from local artists, a welcome into Moosehide Village by Tr’ondek Hwech’in elders, and invited to many a dinner and event. I found it was not difficult to find help and involvement with projects outside the school walls, and it was touching to see so many people show up at our class shows, responding supportively to what we were doing. The community of Dawson is an important aspect of the SOVA experience – Cari Tangedal, Class 2008 -09dan


I attended Yukon SOVA in the winter of 2011- 2012. Before heading up to Dawson City I had little idea of what was in store for me; however, I had a gut feeling that attending art school in the far north was a good idea. In the years since graduating SOVA I have completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. While I don’t consider myself a “professional” artist, I still make art on a daily basis and continue to use the skills and perspective that I developed during my first year of school. Without my year spent in Dawson, working within a passionate artistic community amidst the inspiring landscape of the Yukon Territory, I certainly wouldn’t be the artist I am today – Daniel Hozjan-Brown, Class of 2011-12

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