Yukon School of Visual Art


Sova's Foundation Year program provides students with the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge through an intensive period of examination, exploration and experimentation in both traditional and contemporary visual art practices and mediums (i.e. drawing, painting, sculpture, video, digital photography, and more). The SOVA Foundation Year is an accredited full-time university level program equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) Degree and is transferable to numerous BFA granting institutions across Canada.

The Foundation Year program is designed around an integrated curriculum model based in holistic learner-centered philosophies, which recognize the student as a complete individual with their own unique personal and cultural experiences. Within a collaborative learning environment students progress through three studio and two liberal studies courses in each of the two semesters. Studio and lecture courses are presented in consecutive thematic units, which allow for the progressive development of fundamental skills and techniques, while addressing concepts and theories relevant to traditional and contemporary art practices. Throughout the program students are encouraged to explore and share their creative processes while examining them in relation to historic and contemporary cultural movements.

Located in a new 7800 square foot facility, the SOVA Foundation Year program provides students access to top of the line studio equipment, new media technologies, and world-class instruction. Students are assigned individual studio spaces within an open studio environment; an iBook laptop computer and digital still camera, and have access to all SOVA facilities and equipment (see facilities). Foundation Year students are also provided numerous opportunities throughtout the program to exhibit their work in a community accessible gallery and multimedia presentation space as well as designated exhibition areas throughout the facility.

The Foundation Year program is designed to support, challenge, and substantiate the student’s abilities, while providing the knowledge and skills required for transfer to degree programs at designated post-secondary art institutions. After completing the Foundation Year program, students may elect to transfer directly into the second year of a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree at a number of Canada’s top art colleges, including Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Alberta College of Art and Design, Ontario College of Art and Design, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and University of the Fraser Valley