Yukon School of Visual Art


Portfolio Submission

In addition to the academic admission requirements, applicants are required to submit a portfolio. All submissions must be in a digital format; do not submit artwork in its original form. Please read submission guidelines below for more information.

In the visual arts, a portfolio is a concise record of your creative output, demonstrating your strengths, interests, processes, technical skills and artistic history. Your portfolio will illustrate to the Admissions Committee your seriousness in applying to the Yukon School of Visual Arts. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your willingness to challenge yourself through a wide range of subject matter, materials and modes of expression. Do not submit copies of other artists’ work, that are not your own. Applicants may include samples of work created in school, college or adult education classes, but these should not outnumber work carried out independently.

Be aware that plagiarism is a serious offence and any evidence of such will immediately disqualify the applicant. Incomplete portfolios will be disqualified from the admissions process.

What to Include in Your Portfolio:

  • 10 digital images documenting artworks you have completed in the past two years. You should provide examples of work that best demonstrate your skills and abilities in more than one media (ie. drawing, painting, collage, clay, digital photography, beading, fibre, etc.).
  • 2 completed assignments from the Portfolio Assignment List below in the media of your choice.

Please submit all portfolio material on the same usb stick, cd, dvd or sd card.

Portfolio Assignment List (choose 2 of the following assignments to include with your application):

  • Create a current self-portrait.

  • Create a series of works that tells a personal or family story.

  • Create an image of a useless machine. Include a written description of how the machine would work and your reason for designing it.

  • Create an image of your feet as realistically as you can.

  • Create a sequence of works that documents one day in the life of a friend or relative’s life.

  • Create a work that is intended to be worn on your body, or to act as an extension of your body. Submit documentation of it being worn by someone.

  • Create an image that explores the theme of transformation. Include a separate page with a written story or statement about the transformation.

Portfolio Submission Guidelines:

Your portfolio and portfolio assignments must be submitted by the deadline date along with Yukon School of Visual Arts application form and all support materials. Each part of the application (statement of intent, letter of reference, portfolio etc.) must be clearly marked with the applicant’s name. All submissions must be presented in digital form, eg: DVD, CD, USB stick or SD card. Maximum file size should be no larger than 1MB.

Other submission instructions:

  • Label your name clearly on all items submitted as part of your portfolio.

  • Each digital image file must be identified with your name and a number that corresponds to an attached image list. Include the following on your image list : Image Number and Title, Media, Dimensions, and Date. For example - Image#3: Self-portrait, oil on canvas, 8x10 ft, 2011.

  • Video/audio/performance/film or other time-based media should also be submitted on DVD, CD or USB stick or SD card and should not exceed 2 minutes each in duration.

  • Be sure to test your digital files to ensure they are readable on Mac and PC computers. Submit only images that are of high quality and ones that best demonstrate your finished art works.
For further information or to ask questions about submitting a portfolio, please contact the Yukon School of Visual at (867) 993 6390 or info@yukonsova.ca